How does micro current work?

The Jade micro current treatment has been tagged “the non invasive facelift” by the industry. It can rejuvenate, firm, lift and tighten the skin of the face and body without the discomfort and down time affiliated with invasive treatments. But exactly how does micro current work?

Each type of tissue in the body has a specific electrical frequency. Micro current therapy restores normal frequencies within the cells. This provides decreased pain and inflammation and improved function. At the cellular level, micro current therapy quickly increases ATP, the energy responsible for fueling all biomedical functions in the body. This therapy also increases protein synthesis which is required for tissue repair. This combination results in increased blood flow and reduction of inflammation thereby reducing pain and muscle spasms and increased range of motion.

What should I expect in a micro current treatment? Probes are used at specific locations of the face and body with the intention of directing current to targeted tissues. A liquid conducting gel is applied before the treatment to facilitate conduction. Since micro currents are very low current they do not stimulate sensory nerves. There is not unpleasant sensations like that of a TENS unit or various other electrical stimulation devices.   Micro current is completely safe and has no side effects.