Holistic Facials and Non-surgical Facelifts

List of Holistic Facial Services

You can have beautiful, healthy skin with a proper diet, exercise and regular holistic facial services.

Ask your Saving Faces esthetician which services are right for you.

Holistic Facials – 60 min


A holistic facial at Saving Faced in Raleigh utilizes an organic plant-based product line which is free from synthetics, preservatives and synthetic chemical ingredients. De La Terre Skincare is filled with a rich pool of nutrients which the skin can identify with and utilize.  By incorporating herbal teas, clays and rich seed oils, and gently manipulating the skin,  healing can occur.


Organic Enzyme Facial – 60 min


Enzymes are like gifts from nature.  In wanting to continue the practice of utilizing organic gifts from the earth, a holistic enzyme facial will incorporate raw organic plant material, powdered organic goats milk and a variety of wonderful healing clay.  An enzyme peel will provide one of the kindest methods of exfoliation for your skin.


Gemstone Facial – 60 min


Gemstones have been revered and honored for centuries in ancient civilizations such as Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans and Shamans.  Gemstones come from one unified source–the earth. They are raw materials and crystals created from the earth’s inner core.  They have endured  a geologic process of heating, cooling and displacement to bring them into their present form. Each energy field is different depending on the gemstone and their geometrical form, color and vibration.  Each stone is made up of crystals which are in constant motion thus emitting an energy signature or frequency. Gemstones color also plays a dramatic role in the stones healing energy. The play of light and color can stimulate or calm, purify or heal.


Non-Surgical Facelift


The Jade is the first electronically-assisted micro massage equipment which not only provides a non-surgical facelift by toning the skin, it retrains facial muscles and restores youthful features in less than an hour.  The neuromuscular interaction helps maximize the lifting procedure without injections.  It also helps rehydrate and regenerate the collagen and elastin beneath the skin, increases cellular nutrient absorption and can assist with various other skin conditions. Joi specializes in facial and body rejuvenation using the Jade which combines several modalities: micro current,  sound-wave technology, color and gemstone therapy. This technology provides stimulation to the skin cells and muscle tissue, increases production of collagen and elastin providing the face with a natural “lift”.