Holistic Facials and Non-surgical Facelifts

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Holistic Facials at Saving Faces in Cary are not ordinary facials.

When we treat holistically, we treat the mind, the body and the spirit, as they are intimately interconnected, for overall health and wellness.

Most of our lifestyles are not conducive to keeping our bodies in a balanced state. We experience breakouts due to inflammation, diet, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, stress and many other factors.  When we identify how our lifestyles, our physical attributes, and our emotional stresses play into our current physical state, we can accept that changes need to occur to allow a treatment plan to start healing the skin.

When we choose to make overall changes in our lifestyle choices, we discover that we are not only helping our skin but helping the whole person; mind, body, and spirit.

A holistic facial at Saving Faced in Cary utilizes an organic plant-based product line which is free from synthetics, preservatives and synthetic chemical ingredients.

De La Terre Skincare is filled with a rich pool of nutrients which the skin can identify with and utilize.  By incorporating herbal teas, clays and rich seed oils, and gently manipulating the skin,  healing can occur.

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