Gemstone Facial Therapy

Gemstones have been revered and honored for centuries in ancient civilizations such as Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans and Shamans.  Gemstones come from one unified source–the earth. They are raw materials and crystals created from the earth’s inner core.  They have endured  a geologic process of heating, cooling and displacement to bring them into their present form. Each energy field is different depending on the gemstone and their geometrical form, color and vibration.  Each stone is made up of crystals which are in constant motion thus emitting an energy signature or frequency. Gemstones color also plays a dramatic role in the stones healing energy. The play of light and color can stimulate or calm, purify or heal.

The holistic gemstone facial incorporates healing gemstone facial wands into the facial massage. Their cooling, calming and healing properties instantly nourish the skin.

  • MOSS AGATE GEMSTONE WANDS are a gentle cleanser and encourage new growth of healthy cells and tissue.
  • SEPTARIAN GEMSTONE WANDS stimulate cell regeneration and soothe rosacea and acne.
Natural loose gemstones are also incorporated into a gemstone facial. In their natural state, they were broken or mined from living rock. When combined with purified water and soaked in the sun for 12 hours, they infuse their natural healing energies and properties into the treatment water which will be used throughout your facial to bathe your skin.
  • SODALITE LOOSE GEMSTONES are used for encouraging hydration of skin cells and reducing swelling due to water retention.
  • ORANGE CALCITE LOOSE GEMSTONES are used to balance all skin functions.

This is an incredible treatment to combine with a reiki treatment and an infrared sauna treatment. You will find yourself with a sense of inner peace and balance no other treatment will provide.

CIDESCO Accredited Aesthetician

What is CIDESCO?

CIDESCO is the world’s most prestigous qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy.  This international organization was founded in 1946 to give aestheticians the opportunity to exchange experiences with their collegues in other countries.  CIDESCO head offices are located in Zurich, Switzerland.

The aim of CIDESCO is to

  • promote esthetics on an international basis.
  • unite members on an international and national level.
  • create training centers internationally for CIDESCO training program    which leads to CIDESCO exam and diploma
  • promote exchange of professional knowledge of new developements and information by organizing international congresses.

To earn a CIDESCO diploma, candidates are required to have 600 hours of salon experience or 3 years experience for an esthetician not trained at an international CIDESCO school.  A candidate not trained at an international CIDESCO school will attend a 7-day class at a CIDESCO accredited school to prepare them for the CIDESCO exam. Each day is filled with theory as well as hands-on demonstration. Information is provided to the candidate for preparing a thesis paper, a 500 question multiple-choice exam on all systems of the body, and a 2-day hands-on exam, similar to that of the state board exam.  There is no time limit for preparing the thesis paper and preparing for the exam.

It is not a requirement for estheticians to be CIDESCO accredited to perform services in the United States. In Europe, estheticians attend school for up to four years and are licensed as body therapists and nail technicians as well as estheticians.  In the US, three licenses are required to perform all three services: an esthetics license, a massage therapy license and a nail technician license.

A commitment to constant continuing higher education and professionalism is one of the goals of the CIDESCO-accredited aesthetician.

Brow Grooming

What is the difference between brow grooming and brow waxing?

Brow grooming is in fact an art.

The brows create a frame for the eye and help to create your expressions.

If you were to draw a line down the center of your face, you would see two entirely different shaped eyes, lips and brows.  Each brow arches at different points on each side of the face. One brow grows upward while the other brow grows sideways. One brow may extend longer on one side than the other.  All of these things are taken into account during a brow grooming.

Measuring creates a starting point and ensures that the brows are as symmetrical as possible.  By showing the client how to measure her brows, upkeep at home can be easier and reduces the guess work that accompanies upkeep.

Trimming the brow hair is also important to a beautifully groomed brow.  Long and unruly brow hair can ruin even the most perfectly arched brow. It is important to not over trim.

While in our youth, many of us had what looked like small catapillars on our browline. Over the years, hormones, stress and aging can take a toll on the amount of brow hair we have.  Using a brow powder or pencil to fill in thin spaces can complete the perfectly groomed brow.