Holistic Facials and Non-surgical Facelifts

A menu of services can be overwhelming to the spa-goer. This is why it is recommended you schedule an initial consultation. The client can discuss her concerns and goals. As the aesthetician, it is important to carefully listen to her goals and ask the appropriate questions to determine the first treatment. Learn More >

The Jade rejuvenating non-invasive, non-surgical facial and body treatment is an extraordinary technique. The Jade machine combines 5 modalities: micro-current, color therapy, gemstone therapy, harmonic sound and high frequency light-emitting therapies.

Saving Faces is proud to support a local skincare and mineral cosmetic line in each of the services offered. De La Terre Skincare is produced and manufactured in Asheville, North Carolina. AfterGlow Mineral Cosmetics home offices are located in Cary, North Carolina.

How does micro current work?

The Jade micro current treatment has been tagged “the non invasive facelift” by the industry. It can rejuvenate, firm, lift and tighten the skin of the face and body without the discomfort and down time affiliated with invasive treatments. But exactly how does micro current work? Each type of tissue in the body has a specific electrical frequency. Micro current therapy restores normal frequencies within the cells. This provides decreased pain and inflammation and improved function. At the cellular level, micro current therapy quickly increases ATP, the energy responsible for fueling all biomedical functions in the body. This therapy also increases protein synthesis which is required for tissue repair. This combination results in increased blood flow and reduction of inflammation thereby reducing pain and muscle

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Skin Care Solutions for Male Skin Problems

While men are not beating down spa doors trying to get facial appointments, it is the lack of education and understanding of the many treatments available to them and the benefits of embracing a healthy skin care regimen that keep men away.  The modern man is concerned with his appearance and is becoming increasingly more aware of the benefits of having a healthy skin care routine. The spa environment can be an intimidating one to the modern man.  Creating an atmosphere which is not entirely feminine is a good start.  While you don’t necessarily need to have NFL on a wide-screen or the smell of bacon in the air, using warm, rich colors in your facility and diffusing cedarwood or patchouli essential oils can create

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Jade Microcurrent Testimonials

“I wanted to share how absolutely thrilled I have been at the amazing results I have had after receiving the Jade treatment series from Joi. I have always had bags under my eyes from allergies etc.  Due to some eye issues, I’ve had to have several surgeries to help the problems. Since they were all non-cosmetic, I felt rather self-conscious about my appearance. After the very first Jade treatment, my bags were gone. I had several friends ask me to take off my glasses because they could notice such a difference. I no longer feel self-conscious but actually feel self-confident. I look younger because besides the disappearance of the bags, my skin is firmer and more youthful looking.  I get compliments all the time on

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